Embedded Software

voice INTER connect is your partner for complex development projects within the areas of embedded software on  DSP and µC - plattforms.

Range of services

  • Firmware development (complete BSP's incl. all drivers)
  • System integration of DSP-based speech processing algorithms, e.g ASR and TTS (Nuance Vocon 3200, Realspeak Solo), MP3 Decoder (Jasmin), AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) for hands-free devices, codecs (ADPCM, µlaw, Speex, VAD, AEC, ANR, ...)
  • RTOS implementation (Greenhills velOSity, Mentor Nucleus, Quadros RTXC, VDK, Embedded Linux)
  • PJSIP integration and adaptation for VoIP appllications 


Different RTOS have been ported and customised on proprietary DSP hardware platforms. Occurring hardware problems have been debugged and solved. In particular, expertise of voice INTER connect includes the following points:

  • Setup BSP
  • IO Devices / driver development
  • Memory Management
  • Flash Driver implementation (EEC, BBM, etc.)
  • Network Driver
  • PJSIP integration and adaptation
  • Communication between tasks
  • USB Driver implementation
  • Memory Test
  • Test and optimisation of audio path
  • Performance Test