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Voice Control, Beamforming, Echo Cancellation, Intercom

voice INTER connect Offers Sophisticated Solutions for State-of-the-Art Communication.

Since 2001, we have been working successfully in various development projects and research projects on the field of signal processing for companies not only from Germany, but from all over the world. More than 30 engineers and specialists in this field offer services and products for a wide range of application fields:

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Voice Control - Speech Dialogue - Beamforming - AEC - Intercom - VoIP - SIP-based Communication

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Dresden Robotics Festival

We are proud to present our very latest voice control and beamforming technologies at the "Dresden Robotics Festival". It brings together over 300 participants from all over the world and connects industry and robotics leaders with researchers  and start-ups in a very special event.

Emergency call prior to information!

vicCOM IP enables different prioritization of up to 4 call buttons. This ensures a reliable communication, when it counts – even in large-scale networks.

Your solution for SIP-based communication: vicCOM IP

Communication: Loud and Clear!

Because best-in-class voice quality ensures safe and reliable communication, whether for a emergency callsystem or vendingmachine. That's why vicCOM IP features acoustic echo cancellation and adaptive noise reduction.

Learn more about our solution for IP-based communication devices: vicCOM IP.

Rapid Development, Clear Communication

Sounds, background noises, rough surrounding conditions and high demands for service quality, failure protection, and protection against cyber attacks: modern control and information systems must be capable of fulfilling a diverse set of specifications. Learn more how this can be achieved with vicCOM IP.