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Voice Control, Beamforming, Echo Cancellation, Intercom

voice INTER connect Offers Sophisticated Solutions for State-of-the-Art Communication.

Since 2001, we have been working successfully in various development projects and research projects on the field of signal processing for companies not only from Germany, but from all over the world. More than 30 engineers and specialists in this field offer services and products for a wide range of application fields:

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Voice Control - Speech Dialogue - Beamforming - AEC - Intercom - VoIP - SIP-based Communication

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As a sponsor with our own stand at SPECOM 2018, we had the opportunity to talk to many experts. There was a lively exchange on topics such as speech processing and multimodal human-machine interaction.
Additionally there was the possibility to try out our demo of an embedded voice control (vicCONTROL industrial) combined with a microphone array for beamforming (vicDIVA).

Update Interspeech 2018

The Interspeech has started with great popularity.

vicCONTROL DSP 3 Videos

With our new hardware videos and the designer tool vicCONTROL Designer you can now get an even more precise picture of how easy it is to expand your devices with voice control.

Simply go to the German vicCONTROL DSP 3 product page or directly to our youtube playlist.


Interspeech 2018

Only a few days until the start of the Interspeech! India is this year's host country on the topic of "multilingual societies". Of course we will once again be there with a contribution and report on our exchange of experiences at the world's largest conference on linguistics and language technologies.