Audio and Acoustic Measurements

Testing and Evaluating Quality Objectively.

What makes a good loudspeaker?
How can a microphone be integrated best possible?
What is the best layout for microphone and loudspeaker for an undisturbed hands-free communication?

These and many other questions are answered with our high-quality audio measurements. By means of objective evalution criteria we identify the audio signal quality of your device. We examine influencing factors to the general quality and optimise them.

Our Services

  • Audio measurements for hands-free devices and communication systems
  • Acoustic evaluation of intercom, microphones, loudspeakers and audio hardware
  • Measurement under real environmental conditions (car, bureau, home, conference rooms, public buildings ...)
  • Specific measuring protocols for each scenario
  • Workshops for the evaluation of measured results

voice INTER connect supports you during conception phase of a prototype as well as for optimisation of your audio product.
As requested we measure on-site or in our acoustic laboratory.