Robust Transmission of Audio and Control Data.

The powerful audioRTBUS from voice INTER connect is designed for the implementation of distributed intercom and measurement systems via a bus connection.
It enables the transmission of diverse data like audio (e. g. speech, noises, music) or for control purposes (e. g. operating elements, displays).
Due to its simple installation, high range and numerous interface functions, audioRTBUS is flexible and suitable for many applications.
As an intercom system, it can optionally be equipped with a hands-free function in full-duplex quality.
Due to the synchronous audio data transmission it is suitable as a transmission medium for professional audio applications. Because of its topology and independence from the cable type, audioRTBUS is cheaper than comparable IP-based solutions.

Product Features

  • Digital bus for data transmission and energy supply
  • Full-duplex audio communication and hands-free function
  • Parallel streaming of multiple audio and data channels (number depending on compression and data rate)
  • Range up to 1000 m with correspondingly reduced data rate
  • Up to 256 bus nodes
  • Simple and cost-effective installation or upgrade
  • Scalable and robust protocol
  • Real-time data transfer
  • Audio interfaces on all bus nodes
  • Interfaces for further sensors and actuators


  • Distributed communication systems for audio and data transmission
  • Intercom and emergency call systems in buildings and elevators
  • On-board communication (e. g. for ships, trains, airplanes, public transport)
  • Voice communication in emergency vehicles
  • Surveillance or announcement / broadcast in public buildings
  • Industrial process monitoring and control
  • Professional Audio - networking of stage equipment