Beamforming with Microphone Arrays for Optimal Localisation

vicMSES - Multichannel Speech Enhancement Suite.

Beamforming is used where single-channel noise suppression methods have performance limits or where a spatial separation of speech and background noise is desired. It is based on the spatial distribution of several microphones (arrays). The electronic post-processing of the microphone signals is carried out by means of static or adaptive algorithms (beamforming, beemsteering), which are combined as a library in the "Multichannel Speech Enhancement Suite" (vicMSES).


  • Separation of simultaneous signals (e. g. noise and speech, speech signals of several speakers)
  • Elimination of disturbing room conditions (e. g. reverberation)
  • Acoustic localisation of sound sources


  • Complete library of algorithms for beamforming, dereverberation and source separation
  • Platform-independent, proven code with high portability for embedded platforms (ADSP Blackfin, SHARC; TI C6000; i.Mx6; ARM)
  • Simulation and measurement tools for the design of customer-specific microphone arrays
  • Graphic parameterisation and evaluation tools


  • Hands-free systems for cars and commercial vehicles
  • On-board communication (tram, bus, train, ship, airplane)
  • Communication between control stations and emergency vehicles
  • Acoustic room monitoring
  • Conference technology
  • Building communication
  • Telecommunication devices, Telekommunikationsgeräte, smartphones and tablets