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At the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg (27.-29.11.2018), visitors were able to see a live demonstration of the concept of multimodal operation of an automation solution. voice INTER connect - expert for industrial voice controls - and basysKom - software specialist for industry and mechanical engineering - demonstrated on a prototype production machine how voice controls can also function in an industrial environment. The visitors experienced the  advantages of a location-independent, parallel configuration and the operation of the machine functions via voice. Regardless of the state of the classic GUI, process data could be queried and configurations switched by voice. Stationary operation via a GUI terminal was duplicated using OPC-UA, e.g. for maintenance purposes on a mobile operating terminal. Here the voice-based, context-related information retrieval and acoustic help functions showed their strengths.

The inclusion of human language as an additional modality in industrial operating concepts generally results in completely new possibilities for the efficient monitoring and status query of large machines, knowledge management and mechanical assistance in complex manufacturing processes as well as for increasing efficiency by context-related provision of information in configuration and maintenance processes.

"With basysKom we have found the ideal partner in the field of industry and automation, because basysKom has more than 10 years of profound industry experience in the creation of software and operating solutions for industrial automation and supports relevant industrial interface standards," says Diane Hirschfeld, managing director of voice INTER connect GmbH. "At the same time, our companies work according to similar basic principles: Agile approach in the sense of our customers, modern software tools and development processes as well as the use of open source technologies allow us to achieve an optimal result for our customers with an excellent cost-benefit ratio".

"voice INTER connect is the ideal partner for the upcoming challenges of digitalization and the industrial knowledge revolution," summarizes Heike Ziegler, managing director of basysKom GmbH, "because voice INTER connect combines technology leadership for embedded voice control, strong competencies and proprietary product solutions in the areas of acoustics and noise filtering as well as know-how in the areas of machine learning and knowledge processing. A pronounced awareness of data security, a user-centered approach to operating concepts, a keen sense of cost-effectiveness and productivity gains, and years of experience in industrial voice control have led to the mature, industrial voice control system vicCONTROL industrial."


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