Rapid Development, Clear Communication

How to use the advantages of IP-based communication for control and information systems


Sounds, fluctuating background noises, rough surrounding conditions and high demands for service quality, failure protection, and protection against cyber attacks: modern control and information systems must be capable of fulfilling a diverse set of specifications .
This is met by IP-based communication units that combine high voice quality and robustness with simple configuration and remote maintenance. voice INTER connect presents vicCOM IP: a device that allows for fast and simplified devleopment of such units. This intercom-module takes advantage of SIP-based communication and is the optimal basis for individual communication devices.

Control and Information systems are employed in train stations and inner cities in the same manner as in public buildings. Typically a call button next to the display for information or advertisements triggers emergency calls and offers personal support. Depending on its area of implementation the functionialities will differ. The fundamental requirements for the system however are often the same: the electronics need to be integrated optimally in the existing housing and connected with existing networks; it needs to offer a high voice qaulity, even with background sounds and it should be comfortable to be remotely serviced or maintenanced. There are often individual requirements, such as the connection of additional periphery devices and user interfaces.

IP-Basis as Future Standard

SIP-based communication offers the best requirements for the development of more future-proof solutions: IP-telecommunication networks are available in most locations and are the current standard for all communication end devices. Users will already be forced to convert their existing ISDN end devices successively to ALL-IP, at the very latest, when ISDN is shut down. Furthermore, a unified network reduces costs for maintenance and repairs. Moreover, IP-connection offers possibilities for updates and maintenance along with additional digital value-added features.

Modular Kits for Individual Designs


In order to make the the development of individual control and information systems with IP-based communication fast and simple, voice INTER connect has expanded the capabilities of its vicCOM-family of electronic communication modules. In addition to solutions to analog and digital data transfer as well as GSM communication, vicCOM IP also offers a module with data transfer via internet protocol. The SIP compatible intercom module is equipped with a variety of interfaces, I/Os, buttons, keypads, and LEDs that can be connected. Furthermore, up to two devices can be controlled - in the case of an emergency alert system for example to unlock a compartment with a defribilator and first-aid supplies, for a warning/safety light. One special feature is the possibility of a contactless connection set-up via voice command which is already included in vicCOM and can be acitvated according to the client’s needs.

The voltage supply of the electronics, which are only 130 mm x 96.4 mm, can be achieved via Power-over-Ethernet or with an external power supply. The powering of additonal PoE-devices, for example cameras, is also guaranteed through the PoE +-interface. It is by these means that the control and information systems can be installed with minimal effort and only one cable for data and power supply.

Plug&Play Configuration via Web-Interface

The integration and configuration of vicCOM IP requires, unlike other solutions, considerably less special knowledge. It’s as simple as connecting the periphery devices and configuring the application through the Web-GUI and one has alredy been given a functional model for the digital signage system. The application can be accessed with a standard web browser as soon as the electronics are connected to the network with an ethernet cable. The set-up of the desired features and parameterization requires no programming knowledge. Preselected default parameters for typical applications streamline the set-up additionally and the password protection and the different user-levels protect against access and manipulation by unauthorized users.

System administrators can monitor and maintain the information systems remotely as well as comfortably perform system updates or adjust system parameters through web access. This saves time, reduces costs and increases efficiency of the solutions. The security of the communication and control connections is ensured by the help of https, SIPS and SRTP as well as the possibility of signed updates.

Crystal-clear Speech Quality

In addition to the Plug&Play commissioning, the vicCOM IP sets itself apart by its high voice quality. The full-duplex audio communication with signal processing allows for crystal clear hands-free voice quality and facilitates distortion free, fluid communication. The high specifications are met even when implemented in areas where security is a top priority. Multiple call buttons und individual call objectives can be defined as well as their respective prioritizations, for example for emergency and informational calls.

In addition to voice INTER connect’s patented hands-free noise und echo supression algorithm which improves hand-free communication quality, the platform has a self developed SIP-framework for audio and media data processing as well as streaming.

Furthermore, there are additional comprehensive software features which have already been integrated such as the contactless control with speech-objective call. That way equipped solutions offer barrier freedom and control comfort as well as the highest degree of hygiene.

In order for the barrier free output of information or the generation of information and warnings, client specific audio prompts can be stored in the memory, or a text-to-speech system can be integrated. This system reads aloud with a synthetic voice frequently changing information such as elements of a timetable or weather condition statements.

Economical and fast to the End Product

The functional models and protoypes created with vicCOM IP can in no time at all and at manageable costs be further developed to individual final products and be qualified for batch sizes in the production line.
The electronics are already EMC tested and optimized for usage in industrial series productions. Individual PCB formats, adjustment to special housing formats or the integration of additional circuits and functionalities are only some of the many services voice INTER connect provides surrounding development, test and production - from software development to acoustic product optimization all the way up to the design of individual speech-user-interfaces.

The company can upon request in cooperation with partners, oversee the design and production of completely individual emergency or informational call boxes or better suited housings and fronts for the integration in current products.

The end result is that companies with the OEM platform arrive in a short time and at substantially less development costs at control and information systems with proven components and which are optimally adapted to many fields of application and use cases compared to those that opt for a from-the-ground-up or self development.

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Rapid Development, Clear Communication

Sounds, background noises, rough surrounding conditions and high demands for service quality, failure protection, and protection against cyber attacks: modern control and information systems must be capable of fulfilling a diverse set of specifications. Learn more how this can be achieved with vicCOM IP.


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