Individual Voice Control of Machines - Operation on Call Beyond the Cloud

Voice controls have undergone continuous improvement in recent years. Especially the intelligent, personal assistants (built into "Smart Speakers") have achieved an amazing speech understanding. The prerequisite for this is an internet connection and the processing of voice data in a cloud monitored by the manufacturer. The advancing technology has opened up many practical applications for speech assistants, ranging from information searches (weather queries) to organisational support (calendar functions) and smart home control (heating, lighting, etc.).

The practical use of a language assistant is also high in an industrial environment. Their use enables the parallelisation of monitoring and operating actions or interaction with industrial robots. They are also used in the form of maintenance assistants, as front-ends for information systems or as remote controls for devices and systems via the telecommunications network.
However, the use of voice controls in industrial environments places special demands. On the one hand, noisy ambient conditions and background noise must be taken into account. On the other hand, the use of cloud services is prohibited for reasons of data protection, IT security or lack of networking.
voice INTER connect offers with vicCONTROL industrial a solution for industrial applications with the same flexibility and performance as cloud based speech assistants. The embedded voice control is designed for ARMv7 compatible platforms - due to the wide distribution of these processors in devices and machine controls, it can be used directly without additional hardware.

Using the design tool vicDM-Designer, the development of a customer-specific voice control application is easy. By ordering an evaluation platform for vicCONTROL industrial and using the design tool, customers can create a demonstrator and test it in the target application. Integration with the existing control application takes place via the IoT protocol MQTT. vicCONTROL industrial does not require an internet connection - all components are integrated on the target platform and run directly there. Alternatively, voice control can also be operated on any locally networked node, as long as there is a network connection to the target device. This makes it available at any time and allows real-time processing even in data protection-sensitive environments.

The solution is NLU-enabled and can therefore capture natural-language phrases of any structure and decode the parameters they contain. It is available in 30 languages and can be used worldwide.

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