First Semester Project HTW Dresden

Congratulations to the winners of the freshman project 2022 at Hochschule für Wirtschaft & Technik Dresden (HTW Dresden)!
Julius Förster and Julian Preussker impressed the jury with their camera rover, a remote-controlled mobile gimbal with camera based on an Arduino Mega.
Tobias Jordan and Leon Sägling were on par: They constructed and programmed a hovercraft that is remote-controlled via an Arduino Nano and has, among other things, a gyroscope. The individual parts were produced using a 3D printer.

To ensure that the students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering can continue to research, experiment and develop, voice INTER connect sponsors a Freenove Robot Dog Kit for Raspberry Pi and a vicCONTROL go kit for voice control as prizes for the competition. The four have already announced that they will use it to develop a joint project.

Are you interested in a research project with voice control as well? Talk to us!

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