New intercom module supporting LTE and GSM-R

LTE-capable intercom module with GSM (GSM-R optional)
railroad station with LTE and GSM-R-capable intercom module

With vicCOM GSM 2 voice INTER connect expands its vicCOM module family for individual communication devices. The intercom module supports railroad applications according to the GSM-R standard and will also be available in a version for LTE operation. The module complements the existing solutions for data transmission via IP and 2-wire bus and, compared to its predecessor, features two slots for Sim cards and four directly connectable call buttons. These can also activate the module from sleep mode and, in conjunction with the onboard charge controller, enable extremely power-saving and self-sufficient intercom solutions.

vicCOM GSM 2 is now available for direct use in OEM products or as a kit for individual developments.

The IoT-capable vicCOM GSM 2 communication gateway can be connected wirelessly to communication networks. Compared to the previous version, this new module supports two sim cards with its corresponding slots. This allows redundant network access to be implemented for safety-critical applications, or different network providers to be supported for reliable mobile radio reception. vicCOM GSM 2 offers an acoustic self-monitoring function and enables quick and easy configuration as well as retrieval of status information and usage statistics via a cloud portal. As with all vicCOM modules, an individual intercom station can be achieved by adding loudspeakers, microphones, call buttons and LEDs. The system is able to switch automatically between speakerphone and a connected handset and offers the familiar speakerphone functionality of all vicCOM modules in crystal-clear full-duplex quality. Keypads or keyboards are also supported by the hardware module.

Authorization controls can also be used by connecting an RFID reader, e.g. at building access points or for service functionalities. Integrated relays and sensor inputs support door opening functions and monitoring, e.g. for access to defibrillators at public emergency and information call points. By means of the integrated battery charge controller, communication platforms based on vicCOM GSM 2 can be operated autonomously with solar power and different battery types.

Quick and easy implementation for individual OEM call stations

vicCOM modules by voice INTER connect, which are available for GSM, IP and 2-wire bus data transmission, enable OEM manufacturers to quickly and easily implement individual intercom solutions. They are suitable for the construction of functional samples and prototypes as well as for direct use in product series. For this purpose, the electronic components are already EMC-tested and optimized for series production. In addition to individual board formats, adaptation to special housing formats or the integration of additional circuits and functionalities, voice INTER connect also offers services related to development, testing and production - from software development and acoustic product optimization to the design of individual voice user interfaces. On request and in cooperation with partners, the company also takes on the design and production of completely individual emergency call and communication systems, including suitable housings and fronts for integration. As a result, companies can achieve individual call stations in the shortest possible time and with significantly lower development costs compared to a completely new or in-house development - with proven components and numerous optimally adaptable areas of application and use cases.

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