Quick and easy setup of SIP-based communication devices

Intercom Module vicCOM IP - Quicker and Easier Development

Easy to integrate, highest voice quality and now also in a SIP-based version: voice INTER connect expands its intercom module series for the fast and cost-effective development of individual communication devices with vicCOM IP. The platform is targeted at system houses and OEM manufacturers and is suitable for a wide range of operating and communication applications, from building automation and information systems to medical technology and emergency call units to industrial intercom in plants and commercial vehicles. vicCOM IP provides high voice quality, flexible interfaces and easy configuration via web interface. Evaluation kits are ready to ship.

IP-based communication units are the basis of intelligent audio networks and enable communication and information, hands-free operation and control in numerous areas of application. At the same time, each application has individual requirements for user interfaces and peripheral devices to be connected. To meet these requirements, vicCOM IP features a wide range of interfaces and I/Os. The power supply for the electronics, of only 130 mm x 96.4 mm size, can be provided via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or by means of an external power supply unit. Additional PoE devices, e.g. cameras, can also be supplied via the PoE+ interface.

Plug&Play Configuration via Web Interface

For easy and flexible configuration and quick start-up of functional samples and prototypes with vicCOM IP, only peripheral devices need to be connected and the application configured via the web GUI. Access - provided via a standard web browser - is  enabled as soon as the electronics is connected to the network via Ethernet cable. No programming knowledge is required to set up the desired functions and to configure the parameters. Password protection and various user levels shield against access and manipulation by unauthorized persons.

Crystal-clear Voice Quality and Ease of Use

In addition to plug&play setup, vicCOM IP is particularly characterized by its high voice quality. The full-duplex audio communication with digital signal processing ensures crystal-clear hands-free quality and thus also meets the requirements in safety-critical areas and for use in industry. In addition to voice INTER connect’s patented hands-free algorithms for improving hands-free quality and for noise and echo suppression, the platform has a proprietary SIP framework for internal audio and media processing. In addition, other comprehensive software functions are already integrated, for example for contactless operation with voice-controlled target calls. Solutions with these features offer barrier-free operation and a high level of  usability and are  especially suitable for hygienically sensitive applications, such as in laboratories, care facilities and medical technology.

IP Communication: the Future-proof Standard

Another advantage of the IP-based vicCOM IP solution is the use of a uniform network for all endpoints. With the final shut-down of ISDN at the latest, users will be forced to successively convert their previous ISDN endpoints to All-IP anyway. With vicCOM IP, integrators and OEM manufacturers can operate communications and data services over a unified network and benefit from remote monitoring and maintenance, a wide range of configuration options, and digital value-added functions. Typical requirements for quality of service, resilience and protection against cyberattacks are met by the solution. Due to its simple integration and configuration, it requires significantly less specialized knowledge than other solutions. In addition, voice INTER connect supports users and system partners during migration and with consulting services.  This stepwise approach addresses special needs and existing customer systems and supports a stable and gradual transition to the All-IP world.

Economically and fast to series solution

The vicCOM IP platform extends the product portfolio of voice INTER connect, which within the vicCOM familiy already offers modules for analog and digital  speech transmission as well as via GSM. For the customer-specific development of prototypes, products and their series qualification, the company offers  interdisciplinary services related to development, testing and production  - from the individual design of voice user interfaces to software and hardware development. As a result, companies can use the OEM platform to create individual intercom units and solutions in the shortest possible time and at  reasonable development costs. The platform optimally adapts to a wide number of applications and use cases.

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