Development Kit for Voice Control

Create Your Own Voice Commands with vicCONTROL DSP 3.


The development kit vicCONTROL DSP 3 offers you the possibility to individually configure and test a local voice control in a short time. The kit consists of a development platform and the vicCONTROL Designer software. This includes a freely configurable sequence control for the combination of powerful speaker-independent speech recognition with audio output as well as digital inputs and outputs.
As soon as you have configured your individual voice control, you can transfer it to our extension board vicCONTROL DSP 3 stamp for technical devices.

Design a Voice Control with vicCONTROL DSP 3

Product Features

Box of vicCONTROL DSP 3
  • Development kit for the voice control of technical devices
  • Flexible, speaker-independent vocabulary
  • Minimal integration effort
  • Used with headset or hands-free microphones
  • Excellent robustness even in noisy environments
  • Configurable sequence control
  • Available in 30 national languages
  • Graphic configuration tool vicCONTROL Designer
  • Acoustic feedback
  • Freely programmable digital inputs, outputs and buttons
  • Serial protocol

Configurate Speech Dialogs Individually

Screenshot vicCONTROL Designer

The configuration tool vicCONTROL Designer is Windows-compatible and provides these functionalities:

  • Configuration of speech recognizer and sequence control
  • Preview fo created configuration
  • Permanent transmission of configurations to the customer´s hardware platform or vicCONTROL DSP 3 stamp
  • Testing of Configurations

Application Areas

  • Intelligent home automation
  • Machine and device control
  • Geriatric care and rehabilitation technology
  • Fast media access
  • Interaction with consumer devices