Development Kit for Voice Control

Create Your Own Voice Commands with vicCONTROL DSP 3.


The kit vicCONTROL DSP 3 consists of a development platform and the software vicCONTROL Designer. It provides the opportunity to configurate and test a voice control in advance.

Product Features

Box of vicCONTROL DSP 3
  • Command control for technical devices
  • Configurable vocabulary (speaker-independent)
  • Minimal integration effort
  • Used with headset or hands-free microphones
  • Excellent robustness even in noisy environments
  • Configurable sequence control
  • Graphic configuration tool vicCONTROL Designer Basic
  • Acoustic feedback
  • Freely programmable digital inputs, outputs or buttons
  • Serial protocol

Configurate Speech Dialogs Individually

Screenshot vicCONTROL Designer

The configuration tool vicCONTROL Designer is Windows-compatible and provides these functionalities:

  • Configuration of speech recognizer and sequence control
  • Preview fo created configuration
  • Permanent transmission of configurations to the hardware platform
  • Testing of Configurations
We offer vicCONTROL Designer as basic (included) or professional (upgrade, fee required)version. The following table explains the differences:
  Basic Pro
Creation of dialogs for hardware platform x x
Preview of dialogs x x
Permanent transmission to the platform x x
Testing of dialogs x x
Triggering of commands via serial interface - x
Switiching of menues via serial interface - x
Configurable audio prompts 24 24
Commands configurable per dialog 100 500
Menus configurable per dialog 50 200
Configurable transitions between menus 100 500