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Proverbial Reliability.

Intercom systems for door communication are used in both private and commercial buildings and should therefore meet a wide range of requirements.

The most important basic functions of an intercom system are excellent audibility and visibility of visitors. Factors such as traffic and other background noise or changing lighting conditions make these tasks challenging.
In addition, a convenient door opening, illuminated displays and bell buttons or an integrated access control system are important features of a modern door communication system. Complemented by an appealing, timeless design, they are essential factors for customer satisfaction.

Focus on these important comfort and safety functions, as well as the design of your intercom system.
Leave it to us to provide excellent voice and video quality and experience full duplex communication even under difficult environmental conditions.
We will be pleased to accompany you throughout the entire design phase of your intercom system - from the (acoustic) quality assessment to the optimization or extension of an existing solution.


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