Hands-free Communication in Full-Duplex Quality and with Innovative Acoustic Echo Cancellation

vicHSES - Handsfree and Speech Enhancement Suite.

The vicHSES (Hands-free and Speech Enhancement Suite) signal processing library provides excellent full-duplex speech quality for hands-free equipment.
Key component of the suite is an acoustic echo cancelling system that continuously adapts to the environmental conditions and automatically eliminates unwanted echos.
Other powerful signal processing algorithms ensure optimal adaptation to channel conditions, device characteristics, appropriate volume and high speech intelligibility. The patented algorithms meet the highest demands and are individually designed to your application.

Product Features

  • VDA-compliant, full-duplex echo cancellation (AEC) for comfortable hands-free communication
  • Single-channel, automatic noise reduction (ANR) and complete library of speech enhancement algorithms
  • Platform-independent, proven code with high portability to Windows, LINUX, OSX, iOS, Android
  • Available on ADSP Blackfin, SHARC; TI C6000; OMAP, i.Mx6; ARM Cortex M4
  • Graphical parameterization and evaluation tools

Areas of Application

  • Hands-free systems for cars and commercial vehicles
  • Communication between control stations and emergency vehicles
  • Intercom / Building Communication
  • Conference technology and professional audio
  • Emergency call systems
  • Passenger information systems

More Information

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How does ist work?

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