Hands-free Communication in Full-Duplex Quality and with Innovative Acoustic Echo Cancellation

vicHSES - Handsfree and Speech Enhancement Suite.

The vicHSES signal processing library provides excellent, full-duplex speech quality for hands-free systems. Patented, innovative acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) methods continuously adapt to environmental conditions and automatically eliminate interfering echos during hands-free communication. Other efficient signal processing algorithms ensure optimal adaptation to channel conditions, device characteristics, appropriate volume and high speech intelligibility.



Product Features

  • VDA-compliant, full-duplex echo cancellation (AEC) for comfortable hands-free communication
  • Single-channel, automatic noise reduction (ANR) and complete library of speech enhancement algorithms
  • Platform-independent, proven code with high portability to Windows, LINUX, OSX, iOS, Android
  • Available on ADSP Blackfin, SHARC; TI C6000; OMAP, i.Mx6; ARM Cortex M4
  • Graphical parameterization and evaluation tools

Areas of Application

  • Hands-free systems for cars and commercial vehicles
  • Communication between control stations and emergency vehicles
  • Intercom / Building Communication
  • Conference technology and professional audio
  • Emergency call systems
  • Passenger information systems

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