Hands-free Communication at the Highest Level

Custom-fitted Solutions - Our vicCOM Product Family.

Conventional intercom systems are equipped with direction switching based upon the speech power level (half-duplex). This prevents natural communication, i.e. double talk, and show bad robustness in situations with strong background noise.

The vicCOM-products of voice INTER connect are industrial intercom modules, which use patented algorithms for acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) and noise reduction (NR). The industrial intercom modules provide a natural, crystal-clear full-duplex communication in both directions - even under the most difficult environmental conditions (e.g. discussions, traffic and industrial noise). Excellent speech quality and high comprehensibility are achieved by an effective background noise suppression of our intercom moduls.

voice INTER connect offers with the vicCOM intercom module family multiple alternatives for different customer demands. Our specialists assist you in chosing the right intercom module for your product and implement it into your application.


    vicCOM 2

    You would like to integrate a hands-free intercom module in your layout or your already existing product?
  • System Kit

    vicCOM-complete 2

    You would like to integrate a hands-free intercom system in your communication equipment?
  • GSM Connection


    You need a hands-free intercom system for communication in GSM-network?
  • Distributed communication


    You would like to connect several intercom units?

Product Overview


vicCOM 2



  vicCOM 2 module vicCOM complete 2 board vicCOM-GSM 2 board
Signal Processing      
AEC (NR) x x x
LEC x x x
LC x x x
Limiter x x x
Noise Gate x x x
Compressor x x x
EQ x x  
Notch x x  
Micro (electret) x x x
Micro (line) x    
Loudspeaker (line) x x  
Loudspeaker (amplifier)   x 2
Line analogue / digital analogue GSM/LTE
UART 2   x
RS232   x x
I2C x    
I2S x    
GPIO 16 4 8
Connections edge screw clamp screw clamp
Alternative connection 12-pin connection    
Power supply voltage 3,3 V 12 V 8-24 V