Audio Processing Module for Hands-free Communication

vicCOM 2.

vicCOM 2 module

The small vicCOM 2 modules can be integrated as a component into customer-specific layouts or into existing products. The scope of delivery includes signal processing software and analogue audio connections.

Product Features

  • Audio processing module for hands-free communication
  • Assembly board with edge contacts
  • Acoustic echo cancellation (AEC)
  • Noise reduction (NR)
  • Intelligent loss control
  • Signal conditioning for microphone and loudspeaker signals
  • Use and management of different parameter sets
  • Parameters can be set during operation
  • HD audio
  • Recording and playback of audio files
  • Software and parameters can be updated


  • Intercom
  • Building and industrial communication
  • Hands-free kits for cars, commercial and emergency vehicles
  • Conference systems
  • Hands-free kits in emergency phones

Release Information

Software Updates v2.1.2 → v2.2.1
  • Most recent version of AEC and AES with a lot of improvements
  • Feedback-Canceller
  • GPIO outputs to signalise the status of the platform
  • New command: Reboot to restart the platform
  • New parameter for echo cancellation
  • New parameter for loudspeaker