Intercom Solutions

Hands-free. Noise Reduction. Speech Enhancement.

You would like to optimise your intercom or enhance it with new functionalities?

Intercom solutions shall offer the opportunity of crystal-clear full-duplex communication in almost every possible surrounding.
But background noises like those from traffic or machines are challenges, which can only be handled with excellent, adaptive speech processing algorithms (e.g. AEC, ANR).

Sometimes also the product design itself limits audio quality - for example if microphone and loudspeaker are not positioned optimally. In order to prevent this, audio quality should be evaluated and optimised already during the time of conception.

Service Offer

  • Reference designs for intercom hands-free units with IP, analog and wireless connectivity
  • 2-wire digital bus for the transmission of audio and video data in realtime
  • SIP framework for embedded platforms and support for Windows, Linux, iOS, Android
  • System design and implementation services
  • Acoustic measurements and diagnostics
  • Acoustic product design
  • Synchronized playback during digital communication on several, spatially distributed devices


  • Industrial intercom stations
  • Emergency call systems
  • Door intercom
  • Mission critical communication