Evaluation Kit for Distant Voice Acquisition


Robust far-field speech acquisition capabilities are a major prerequisite for the use of voice control in smart homes, voice assistants or voice-controlled user interfaces for industrial plants and machines, as well as for modern communication systems.
voice INTER connect offers a dedicated collection of algorithms for these use cases, that enable highest-quality far-field acquisition of voice signals using multiple microphones. The algorithms can be tailored and configured to the customer’s needs. This way, it is possible to control devices via voice even if they are several meters away and/or in the presence of simultaneous noise or several concurrent speakers.
With the vicDIVA evaluation kit, beamforming algorithms can be individually configured and evaluated in customer-specific applications. In addition to the manual spatial alignment of the signal acquisition, automatic localisation techniques - optionally taking into account sources of interference - can also be used. vicDIVA consists of a microphone array with 8 microphones and status LEDs, the hardware module vicSBM for processing the microphone signals, and a Raspberry Pi that is used for application development and power supply. The improved audio signal is provided with low latency via an ALSA interface to applications on the Raspberry Pi.
The achieved speech quality can also be evaluated directly with additionally connected headphones.

How vicDIVA Works with Several Concurrent Speakers (Video with English Subtitles)

Product Features

  • Evaluation kit with algorithms for robust far-field speech acquisition
  • Suppression of background noise and other sources of interference such as reverberation and acoustical reflections
  • Manual spatial alignment of signal acquisition or alternatively automatic speaker localisation
  • Low audio latency and high speech signal quality

In Detail: Hardware of vicDIVA (Video with English Subtitles)


  • Intercom systems in industrial environments
  • Voice-controlled devices and industrial plants
  • Voice control in smart homes
  • Speech assistants
  • Video conferencing
  • Medical technology