Development Kit for Distant Voice Acquisition

vicDIVA - SDK for Beamforming.

A robust, distant speech acquisition is a requirement for the use of voice control in the Smart Home, voice assistants or voice-controlled user interfaces of industrial plants and machines.
voice INTER connect offers vicDIVA (Distant Voice Acquisition Solution) especially for this use case - a solution for recording voice in room. This makes it possible to control devices several meters away by voice, even with simultaneous noise or several speakers.
The vicDIVA development kit offers the possibility of configuring beamforming procedures individually and testing them for a specific application. vicDIVA consists of a customized microphone array with up to            7 microphones and status LEDs, the hardware module vicSBM for processing up to 7 microphone signals, and a host platform (Raspberry PI 3) for application development, which supplies power to the vicSBM and provides the cleaned audio signal over an audio interface for your application. An example application on the Raspberry PI allows the subjective evaluation of the output signal of the beamformer via connected headphones and the configuration of the beamforming algorithms on the vicSBM via the console. For evaluation purposes, the kit is provided with a circular 7-microphone array.

How vicDIVA works with Two Concurrent Speakers

Product Features

  • Development kit for evaluation of beamforming algorithms and individual microphone arrays
  • Robust distant voice aquisition
  • Suppression of room influences such as reverberation and noise
  • Positioning and display of the speaker
  • Tracking a speaker in the room


  • Voice-controlled devices and industrial machines
  • Voice control in Smart Homes
  • Speech assistants
  • Intercom systems in industrial environments
  • Video conferencing
  • Acoustic monitoring of rooms