Digital Sensor Bus

Robust Transmission of Audio and Video Data. And more.

The efficient, digital sensor bus of voice INTER connect enables manifold applications - from simple event detection to robust speech recognition.

A distributed and dense network of sensor nodes allows a decentralised audio detection, audio data processing in base nodes and the streaming of audio data and acoustic events to a user.

All kinds of events can be detected and localised - no matter if it is noise, voice or music. On this basis, security functions like acoustic alerting can be added.


  • 4-wire bus for data transmission and power supply of the sensor nodes
  • Easy installation
  • Concurrent streaming of several audio channels (number depending on compression)
  • Scalable bus dimensions (up to 1000m at reduced data rates)
  • Up to 256 sensor nodes
  • Up to four microphones and one loudspeaker per sensor node
  • Scalable and robust protocol
  • Real-time capabilities


  • Automatic alarm in case of emergencies (Public transport, prison, industrial plants)
  • Process monitoring (logistics, manufacturing machines)
  • Motion sensor (public buildings, parking garages)