Creation of Speech Dialogs

Communicate As You Like.

You would like to control your device via voice?
You consider how to connect SUI (Speech User Interface) and GUI (Graphical User Interface) and how to keep them consistently?
You have to translate commands like "No, not 25 degrees, but 24 degrees room temperature!" to your machine control?

Please contact us - we have more than 15 years of experience with these topics.

Speech Dialogue Circle

Speech Dialogue Circle

  • ASR - Automatic Speech Recognition
  • NLU - Natural Language Understanding
  • DM - Domain Knowledge
  • NLG - Natural Language Generation
  • TTS - Text-to-Speech


  • ASR
    "I want a tomato soup"

  • NLU
    Dialogue Context + ASR = Order (FOOD: "tomato soup", VARIETY: unknown)

  • DM
    (VARIETY (Tomatensuppe): 14 options) AND
    Knowledge from the user profile (VARIETY (tomato soupe): "hot, with pepper")
  • NLG
    Confirm (FOOD: "tomato soup", VARIETY: "hot, with pepper")
  • TTS
    "Hot tomato soup with pepper, as usual"

Overview - Our Services

  • User-driven interface design, focus on ergonomics
  • Functional analysis of target application, semantic modelling and user adaptation
  • Vocabulary and dialogue design, multi-lingual
  • Integration in target application or device
  • Optimisation of robustness in target environment
  • User-centric validation
  • Support during product launch and whole product life cycle