Hands-free Communication via GSM Network

System Kit vicCOM-GSM-complete.

system kit vicCOM-GSM-complete

vicCOM-GSM-complete is a system kit for information desks and emergency telephones. It consists of an audio processing module and an interface board. Power supply is possible via solar modules or batteries.

Product Features

  • System kit for devices with GSM-based hands-free functionalities
  • Hands-free communication in HD-quality
  • GSM connection to public network
  • Connectors for two call buttons and up to 6 signal lamps or relay contacts
  • Directly connection for microphone and loudspeaker
  • Supports RFID-reader for call acceptance
  • Power management for energy efficient operation
  • Easy maintenance, many configuration options (remote control via text messages)
  • Automatic hardware self-test


  • Autarkic emergency call and information systems
  • GSM gateways for intercom systems
  • GSM-based door communication