Hands-free Talking via Mobile Radio Network

System Kit vicCOM GSM 2.

system kit vicCOM GSM 2

Emergency phones in areas with poor infrastructure can be operated independently via mobile phone connection, e.g. on motorways, waterways, railway tracks or tunnels.
Thanks to our patented algorithms for acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) and noise reduction (NR), vicCOM GSM 2 provides natural crystal-clear full-duplex communication at the highest level - even under the most difficult environmental conditions.
The vicCOM GSM 2 system kit includes a mobile phone modem as well as various audio and control connections for microphone, loudspeaker, push-buttons and LEDs.
The configuration and status signalling of the system is conveniently done via SMS.

Product Features

  • System kit for mobile radio stations
  • Supports mobile radio standards such as 2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS), 4G (LTE) and GSM-R
  • Full-duplex audio communication with integrated acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) and noise cancellation (NR)
  • Telephone connections to one or more call destinations
  • Configuration and status indication via SMS
  • Connections for 4 call buttons and up to 6 signal lamps or relay switching contacts
  • Direct connection for microphone and loudspeaker
  • Supports RFID reader for call acceptance
  • Power management for energy efficient operation
  • Integrated charge controller for charging a battery


  • Autarkic emergency call and information systems (e. g. along motorways, waterways, railway trucks, tunnels)
  • Mobile radio gateways for intercom systems
  • Mobile phone based door communication
  • Mobile phone based public address system