Platform for IP-based Communication

vicCOM IP.

vicCOM IP is a platform for the creation of customised, IP-based communication devices like intercoms, IP-amplifiers, cameras or IP telephones. It provides outstanding audio transmission quality with crystal-clear full-duplex hands-free functionality as well as unique ergonomics through local voice control (optional).

The platform can be adapted easily to various applications by connecting peripheral devices. The efficient software allows for an easy configuration by the user for each desired application. Via an integrated Web-GUI it is possible to create phone lists and to include used peripheral devices in the configuration of communication and multimedia call flows.
Integrated state-of-the-art hands-free algorithms guarantee a crystal-clear interference-free communication during full-duplex operation.

The vicMEDIA VoIP-framework enables SIP based telephony and audio-video streaming as well as the seamless usage of connected audio peripherals.

Product Features

  • System kit for IP intercom units
  • Crystal-clear full-duplex audio communication with digital signal processing (acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) and adaptive noise reduction (NR))
  • Touch-free connection via voice control
  • Native SIP protocoll support through vicMEDIA framework
  • Server-free connection with other intercom units or SIP phones via Ethernet
  • Comfortable integrated system configuration via web interface

Flexible Customization through powerful Software and various interfaces

  • Native audio platform with powerful 10 W amplifier
  • PoE+ power supply and supply of connected PoE devices (e.g. cameras)
  • User interfaces (e.g. buttons, keypad, LED, display, RFID)
  • Direct control of up to 2 devices (e.g. door opener, light switch)
  • Various extensions via USB, audioRTBUS, I²S, I²C

Release Information

Software Updates v2.3.0 → v2.4.0
  • Export and import of platform configuration

The Hardware of vicCOM IP

The Software of vicCOM IP


  • Intercom systems in utility vehicles
  • Intercom units for medical applications
  • Industrial communication
  • Intercoms in elevators
  • PA-systems in public places
  • Emergency call systems
  • Building communication