Embedded Voice Control for ARM Platforms

vicCONTROL industrial.

The vicCONTROL industrial is a further development of the successful vicCONTROL voice control for ARMv7 compatible platforms. Due to the increased computing power of the ARM processors and their widespread use in devices and machine controls, vicCONTROL industrial can be used directly without additional hardware. Using our design tool vicDT-Dialogue Designer, the development of a customer-specific voice control application with the vicCONTROL industrial is easier than ever. Integration with the existing control application is carried out via the IoT protocol MQTT.
Since vicCONTROL industrial does not require an internet connection and voice control is implemented locally on the ARM processor, it is particularly suitable for applications that are sensitive to internet access or data protection. In terms of performance, vicCONTROL industrial stands out the cloud-based speech recognizers such as Amazon's Alexa or Google Home in no way. Besides, vicCONTROL industrial is available in 30 languages.

Product Features

  • SDK for embedded ARMv7 compatible platforms
  • Convenient API for using voice input and output functions via MQTT
  • vicDT-Dialogue Designer with examples for the development of a customer-specific voice control system
  • Industry-proven quality in 30 languages
  • Wake-Word functionality
  • Semantic evaluation for the recognized voice commands

Functionalities of vicCONTROL industrial - Voice Control of a Washing Machine

Application Areas

  • Extension of GUIs with voice control
  • Control of machines and appliances
  • Operating and monitoring of medical systems
  • Intuitive input in rehabilitation technology
  • Natural collaboration with robots and in AR applications
  • Self-explanatory user interfaces

Source of Supply

vicCONTROL industrial was developed in partnership with PHYTEC.
An evaluation kit for the voice control is available at http://www.phytec.de/produkt/evaluierungskits/sprachsteuerungskit/