Vocalizer Expressive

Speech Synthesis by Nuance.

Automatic public announcement systems and information desks need high-quality and flexible audio output for the playback of information. Usually these information are not limited to a few audio prompts - therefore it is necessary to use a text-to-speech system. As a distribution partner of Nuance, voice INTER connect offers Vocalizer Expressive® by Nuance for these applications with extensive services for integration and customisation.


  • Platforms: Windows (Vista, 7 and higher), LINUX (ARM, x86), IOS / OS X, Android)
  • 42 languages and 71 voices in 5 quality levels
  • As download short-term available

Product Features

  • Naturalness, expression and multi-language
  • Flexible speech production (loudness, promptness)
  • User-defined text processing rules and dictionaries
  • Prompt Tuning and Insertion
  • SSML

Service Offer

  • Advice in selection of platforms and optimisation (which voice suits to which hardware resources?)
  • Integration in existing applications
  • Technical support
  • Creation of exception dictionaries
  • Generation of corporative voices

Vocalizer Expressive® features natural sounding speech, extensive tuning options as well as various available voices and foreign languages.
Please contact us for an offer or prices concerning licensing.

Studio Vocalizer Expressive® for Windows enables creation and editing of pronunciation lexica.