SoC Module for Voice Control Applications

vicCONTROL go stamp for OEM products.

embedded voice control hardware module
voice control hardware module

vicCONTROL go stamp is an extension module, which can be used to upgrade your product with a voice control.

Unlike Amazon Alexa or Google Home, the local voice control takes place without an internet connection. Therefore, your speech data remains protected and are not stored on central servers. Voice control in private homes (e.g. simple building automation functions) is also safer.

The price fo a single modul is 47,90 €/ 1k (please ask for the price for other quantities).

Our offline voice control has the following advantages:

  • data privacy by design
  • no internet connection required
  • high reliability
  • realtime recognition due to local processing
  • long term availability
  • suitable for industrial environments (i.e. temperature, robustness)

Additionally, we are offering the offline voice control in more than 30 languages in industry grade quality.

You can order the offline voice control "vicCONTROL go stamp" directly from us. Just send us your enquiry by email or give us a call.

Product Features

  • Voice control for technical devices
  • Small, low-cost SoC module, designed for serial production
  • Flexible, speaker-independent vocabulary
  • Currently available in 30 languages
  • Excellent robustness even in noisy environments
  • Acoustic feedback
  • Digital inputs and outputs, which can be controlled via voice
  • Serial protocol
  • Wake word functionality

Areas of Application

  • Intelligent home automation
  • Machine and device control
  • Geriatric care and rehabilitation technology
  • Fast media access
  • Interaction with consumer and kitchen appliances
  • Non-contact operation of devices in hard-to-reach or sterile environments

Product Data

Product: vicCONTROL go stamp
Manufacturer: voice INTER connect GmbH
Description: Hardware module for voice control of devices
Order Number: 1200100040-40
Price in €/1k: 47,90
Available at: voice INTER connect GmbH
Deliverability: immediately

Available Languages

  • Arabic Gulf
  • Bulgarian Bulgaria
  • Cantonese Hong Kong
  • Czech Czech Republic
  • Danish Denmark
  • Dutch The Netherlands
  • English Australia
  • English United Kingdom
  • English USA
  • Finnish Finland
  • French Canada
  • French France
  • German Germany
  • Greek Greece
  • Indian English
  • Italian Italy
  • Japanese Japan
  • Korean Korea N/S
  • Mandarin China
  • Norwegian (Bokmal) Norway
  • Polish Poland
  • Portuguese Brazil
  • Portuguese Portugal
  • Russian Russian Federation
  • Spanish Mexico
  • Spanish Spain
  • Swedish Sweden
  • Thai Thailand
  • Turkish Turkey