SoC Module for Voice Control Applications

vicCONTROL DSP 3 stamp for Mass Products.

embedded voice control hardware module
voice control hardware module

vicCONTROL DSP 3 stamp is an SoC module that can be used to extend your already existing product with a voice control. Unlike Amazon Alexa or Google Home, the speech recognition takes place locally without internet connection. This keeps your voice data secure and not stored on central servers.
The cost-effective voice control hardware module is perfectly suitable for the serial production of voice-controlled devices and applications. The speech dialogue of the embedded voice control can be easily programmed with an comfortable PC based IDE.
The voice control module has an industry proven quality and can be integrated as a piggyback solution into your existing hardware layout.

Product Features

  • Small and cost-effective SoC voice control module, suitable for series production
  • NLU voice control for technical devices
  • Flexible, speaker-independent vocabulary
  • Currently available in 30 different languages
  • Excellent robustness even in noisy environments
  • Acoustic feedback
  • Freely programmable digital inputs and outputs
  • Serial protocol
  • Ready for the connection of digital (interference-free microphones)

Areas of Application

  • Intelligent home automation
  • Control of machines and equipments
  • Geriatric care and rehabilitation technology
  • Fast media access
  • Interaction with consumer devices