Voice Control for Machines

When Only Important Information Shall be Heard.

To equip machines with voice control, has become common in daily life. Household appliances or components of building automation process voice commands reliable.

The advantage for machines in industrial surroundings is obvious, too - touch-free operation enables you to keep your hands on the machine and reduces the amount of cleaning procedures.
It is still a big challenge to make voice control robust in noisy environments - ask us, how it works.


Voice Control for your Machines

Control of a robot via GUI

vicCONTROL industrial - embedded voice control for automation & industry.

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Creation of Speech Dialogs

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Individual voice control of machines - operation on demand beyond the cloud

Voice controls have experienced an enormous spread in recent years. Especially the intelligent, personal assistants (built into "Smart Speakers") are now available in many households.
They require an internet connection and the processing of voice data in a cloud which is operated by the manufacturer.

However, the use of voice controls in an industrial environment poses special challenges. On the one hand, noisy ambient conditions and background noise must be taken into account. On the other hand, the use of cloud services is prohibited for reasons of data protection, IT security or lack of networking. In particular, the regulations of the DSGVO make the recording of voice data by companies and the storage of this data in a cloud appear critical.

We have developed vicCONTROL industrial to avoid the problems mentioned above and to be able to use voice controls for industrial applications. The speech control is equipped with the same flexibility and performance as cloud-based speech assistants. As embedded voice control, vicCONTROL industrial is designed for ARMv7 and X86 compatible platforms - due to the wide distribution of these processors in devices and machine controls, it can be used directly without additional hardware. The dialog design tool vicSDC makes it easy to develop a customer-specific voice control application.

For interested parties we offer the following development kits:

ARM based development kit (PHYTEC):

X86 based development kit (Spectra GmbH & Co KG):

Both kits include a pre-installed voice application and access to the vicSDC design tool. This allows the creation of a voice application within a few hours and can be tested. Integration with the existing control application takes place via the IoT protocol MQTT.


vicCONTROL industrial does not require an internet connection - all components are integrated on the target platform and run directly there. Alternatively, voice control can also be operated on any locally networked node, as long as a network connection to the target device is available. This makes it available at any time and allows real-time processing even in data protection-sensitive environments.

The solution is NLU-capable and can therefore capture natural-language phrases of any structure and decode the parameters contained therein via semantic AI post-processing. With availability in 30 languages, it can be used worldwide.

With vicCONTROL industrial, the advantages of a language assistant can also be used in an industrial environment. For example, the use enables the parallelization of monitoring and operating actions or interaction with industrial robots. They are also used in the form of maintenance assistants, as front-ends for information systems or as remote controls for devices and systems via the telecommunications network.