VoIP Framework for Digital Speech and Media Communication

vicMEDIA - The Perfect Interface for your VoIP Communication.

vicMEDIA provides comfortable SIP-based speech and video transmission in digital quality and with various comfort features. Extensive add-on modules ensure an optimal audio quality, high robustness against disturbing signals and speech intelligibility.

Product Features

  • Object-orientated media framework (SIP-based)
  • Voice and video transmission via Voice-over-IP
  • Optimised for announcements, voice communication and conference calls
  • Modules for the enhancement of speech intelligibility (equaliser, compressor, AGC, AEC, ANR)
  • Comfortable control and parameter interface
  • Test environment and Qos support
  • Customised extensions and adaptations on request


  • Intercom, building and industrial communication
  • On-board communication (tram, bus, train, ship, airplane)
  • Control station technology
  • Conference systems