Handsfree and Speech Enhancement Suite

... Hands-free applications, Full-duplex, Intercom

Hands-free applications are used in cars, phones, control panels, conference and building automation systems. During operation, the acoustic feedback of the loudspeaker signal in the microphone may be noticed as an echo. At worst this results in feedback noises. As a result, conversation is heavily impaired.

voice INTER connect`s speech enhancement algorithms use methods for acoustic echo cancellation which adapt continuously to environmental conditions and eliminate automatically disturbing echos. They ensure an excellent speech quality and intelligibility.
Efficient signal processing algorithms in our Handsfree and Speech Enhancement Suite (vicHSES) are dedicated to  an optimal adjustment to channel conditions, to device features as well as to volume level and supply excellent speech quality and intelligibility. Our patented algorithms meet highest demands and can be customised to your application.

Product Features vicHSES

  • VDA-conform full-duplex echo canceller
  • Single-channel automatic noise reduction and complete library of speech enhancement algorithms
  • Platform-independent, proven code with high   portability for Windows, LINUX, OSX, iOS, Android 
  • Graphical parameterisation and evaluation tools


  • Car Cits
  • Intercom
  • Conferencing and professional Audio
  • Building communication
  • Emergency call and passenger information systems
  • Control panels and emergency vehicles


  • ADSP Blackfin
  • TI C6000
  • OMAP
  • i.Mx6
  • Cortex M4