Voice Control for Your Devices

It is easy with vicCONTROL.

vicCONTROL DSP provides easy voice control. It can be implemented in numerous applications and makes it easy to enhance target devices or control units with a voice speech interface. 


  • NLU voice control for technical devices
  • Flexible, speaker-independent vocabulary
  • Currently available for at least 30 languages
  • Excellent robustness even in noise environments
  • Acoustic feedback
  • Freely programmable digital inputs, outputs and buttons
  • Serial Protocol
  • Graphical configuration tool vicCONTROL Designer (upon delivery of development kit)

Product Overview

  • Software Solution

    vicCONTROL industrial

    Do you need embedded voice control for ARM- and x86-platforms?
  • Development Kit

    vicCONTROL go kit

    Do you want to configure voice dialogs individually?
  • SoC Module
    vicCONTROL go stamp

    Do you want to integrate a voice control into your device?

vicCONTROL industrial - Demo of an Embedded Voice Control